Ways Of Serving Underripe Avocado


Perhaps at one point you have bought an avocado from the market hoping that it is ripe and soft enough only to realize your avocado will not soften. You consider this avocado inedible and send it right to the dustbin. You can make good use of the underripe avocado as food.

Ways to serve underripe avocado

Tuck into enchiladafood on plate

You can fold diced avocado and add it to your enchilada before stuffing and baking. Like the fried avocado, the cubes
are creamy and soft and will not be mushy.

Stuff it

Halve the underripe avocado. You then stuff it with veggies, eggs or black beans. Bake it until it is cooked well. The advantage of using an underripe avocado for this is that a ripe one will get mushy in the oven as opposed to the underripe which will get soft enough.

Avocado fries

You can make avocado fries. Slice these avocados into wedge then dredge in crispy panko. Bake until it is golden. It is a delicious food crispy-creamy in form

Add to stir-fries

You can opt to cube your avocado like tofu and toss it into your sauté pan together with other stir-fry ingredients. The avocado’ outside gets slightly caramelized while its inside will turn buttery and soft. It makes a wonderful delicacy.

Pickle it

Get your avocado into slices and soak in your pickling brine. Vinegar will make avocado softer and gives a weird flavor. After pickling the avocado stuff it in burger or chop and add to your salad. Take this some hours before eating time.

Grate it

Grating a ripe avocado can prove bizarre and messy. Shredding underripe avocado is a lot easier but will give a similar creamy texture like cheese when shredded. It is perfect when tossed in a salad, scrambled eggs or served with everything by sprinkling on top.

Toss on grill

You may put ripe avocados in halves on a barbecue to start the grease fire. Underripe avocados will hold their shape burning coaland give a better char on its surface. You can squeeze lime juice on it and add sea salt before serving.

It is easy to make a new recipe and a delicacy from what you can consider reject or inedible. Use your avocados this way, and you will enjoy your new dishes. Moreover, these recipes are healthy for you and will give you the best experience. Try them out.