The human spinal cord and brain are the command central most activities of the body. Keeping the two out of harm is crucial. Both are covered by the meninges membrane that helps in protecting them from germs. Meningitis is a condition where the, though, meninges get an infection by either a virus or bacteria.

Signs you may be having meningitis

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One of the signs of meningitis is fever and having nausea accompanied by being out of energy this may sound rather usual when your body is fighting germs but can as well be an indicator that you have meningitis. If you feel you lack energy, have a fever, constant headache, and nausea see a doctor immediately.

Light intolerant eyes

If you block your eyes from daytime light or strain to see in a well-lit room, then you should treat it take it seriously. Discomfort resulting from the light shining into your eyes known as photo phobia may be an indicator of inflammation of optic nerves behind your eye. This often causes aching eyes as well as a headache.


This may be termed altered mental state meaning you find it difficult to think straight. When you have an infection surrounding your brain, you may feel vague and develop problems with your concentration. It becomes hard for you to follow simple directions or explain how you feel. In worse case scenarios, you may not even recognize where you are. This is a symptom and has to be taken seriously, so see a doctor immediately.

Spots on your skin

Rashes serve as a red flag to tell you something is wrong. In a similar manner, small purplish dots signal meningitis infection. Rash though late is a very dangerous sign that you have got bacterial meningitis. It appears as a result of the bacteria releasing toxins into your system making small blood vessels of your internal organs and skin rupture. It will, however, appear alongside other symptoms of meningitis.

Stiff neck

It does not refer to some pains in the neck that result from sleeping in a funny way the previous night. Neck pain rightcfghjkvbniuytrarising from meningitis feels rather different. Stretching this pain worsens it, and it can affect more than just the neck but also the shoulder area. Moving your neck will stretch the damaged meninges tissues causing a deep and intense pain that can extend to the head or down to the back.

Meningitis is a deadly disease, and you should attend to in its early stages. Do not wait until you see the spots as this may be an indication that a nerve has been completely affected.