Understanding The Causes Of Hip Nerve Pain

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When you experience pain in the hip, and you are likely not able to explain the cause, it might be due to nerve damage. Pain experienced due to hip nerve damage is usually not localized and might be felt even in the legs. It might be as severe as disabling, making you unable to walk. The type of pain most commonly described by nerve pain patients is usually unusual, with most of them describing it as similar to a bee sting.

Common causes

Sciatic nerve damage

Sciatic nerve refers to the longest nerve, extending from the lower back all the back painway to the feet. It passes through the hip and down through the back of both thighs. Some conditions may result in compression of a part of that nerve, which results in the nerve damage and thus, the symptoms. An example of the conditions that may cause the nerve compression is herniated discs.

Hip arthritis

Arthritis refers to a condition known to trigger joint inflammation. It is referred to as hip arthritis when the hip joints are involved. The swelling may at times result in excess pressure exerted on the nearby nerves and thereby compressing them. The condition is what will be referred to as pinched nerve, which will lead to hip nerve pain and other related symptoms.

Broken hipbone

Many circumstances may cause the hipbone to break. A common cause is accidents such as falling from the stairs or even a car crash. The elderly are more likely to suffer from broken hipbone, as their bones are more brittle, meaning that even minor injuries can lead to severe bone damage. The fracture in the hipbone, in most cases, causes nerve damage and thus, the patient will experience nerve pain as well.

feet massagePeripheral neuropathy

This can simply be explained as damage to the peripheral nerve, which passes through the limbs. It can be caused by many factors such as diabetes. The patient will experience shooting pain originating from the hip area and traveling towards the feet.


Treatment is usually determined after a proper diagnosis to determine the underlying cause. For example, is diabetes is responsible for the nerve pain, controlling it will alleviate the symptoms. A common treatment used for treating most nerve pains, is Nerve Renew. Most doctors will recommend it to help deal with all the symptoms related to the nerve problem.